Central and Eastern European Mortgage Finance
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SEE Mortgage Finance Project

Poland Housing Finance Program

SEE Conference
Mortgage Finance in Southeast Europe:
Heading Toward International Best Practice

The Urban Institute

Institute for Market Economics (IME)


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SEE Primary Mortgage Market Update

Update on Romania - How is the Market Doing? by Carmen Retegan

Update on Bulgaria - How is the Market Doing? by Ivo Haralampiev

Update on Croatia - How is the Market Doing? by Mladen Tepus

Update on Serbia - How is the Market Doing? by Freidemann Roy

Multiple Jurisdiction Lender - A regional approach by Astrid Kratschmann

Better Credit Risk Management through Data and Analysis

Credit Bureaus and Credit Scoring by Krzysztof Zielinski

Real Estate Database and Price Modeling by Agnieszka Gorska

What’s your “true” LTV? Importance of good valuation by Gheorghe Badescu

The Role of Mortgage-Related Insurance Products

Mortgage Guarantee Insurance (MI): Addressing Affordability and Credit Risk by Sally Merrill

MI in Europe: how is it changing the market? by Sacha Polverini

Disaster Insurance in Emerging Markets: Turkey by Ferhan Ozay

Selling Mortgages and New Products

Mortgage Brokers: The new approach to selling in SEE by Deyan Vassilev and Martin Stobbs

Home improvement, secondary mortgage, SME/mortgage loans, entrepreneurial market by Carmen Retegan

Subprime loan products by Edoardo Turano

Regulation of Mortgage Finance and EU Integration

Bank Regulators: What issues do they face in SEE? by Bryan Stirewalt

Basel II and Mortgage Lending: What are the issues? by Sacha Polverini

Regulation of Mortgage Lending: Issues for mortgage finance by Leslie Sulenta

Regulatory parameters; central bank credit squeeze by Zoran Bohacek


Comparative Mortgage Systems

EU Mortgage Markets: Current developments and next steps toward further integration by Simon Walley

Comparison of Mortgage Systems Worldwide: Benefits and shortfalls by Achim Duebel

Funding Developments in Eastern Europe

Baltic Securitization analysis: Case study: Latvia by William Schaub

Romanian Covered Bond and MBS Legal Framework by Andrei Burz-Pinzaru

Better Portfolio Information for credit risk analysis and valuation by Boleslaw Meluch

Funding Developments in the EU and Worldwide

Case Study: Spain - How Spain’s market developed by Cristina Costa

Securitization: Its future in the region by Tim Nicolle

What could a secondary market agency do? Examples from Turkey, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Columbia by Pam Lamoreaux

"Buy-side" and New Product Issues

Rating Agencies: What are raters looking for? by Yaron Ernst

Credit enhancement in securitization: How does this impact the market? by Massimo Ceretto

New products for Romania: Structured Financial Products by Manlio Genero

EU, IFI, and Donor Assistance to Mortgage Finance

Promoting Capital Market and Loan Products: EBRD’s goals by Nick Kerigan

Secondary Markets: IFC role by Andreia Radu

Liquidity and Credit Enhancements: OPIC in SEE and worldwide by Douglas Schultz

SEE Capital Market Development: The role of mortgage finance by Jean Lange

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