Central and Eastern European Mortgage Finance
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SEE Conference

The Urban Institute

Institute for Market Economics (IME)


Speaker Presentations

Note: All presentations are in the Portable Document Format (PDF).


European Mortgage Federation by Judith Hardt

Migration, Asylum, Refugee Regional Initiative, MARRI by Kilian Kleinschmidt


Welcome Address by Roderick Moore

Developing Domestic Capital Markets by Krassimir Katev

Funding Methodologies: Bank's View - On vs. Off Balance Sheet by A. Petropoulos

Increase in Demand for Mortgage-Backed Debt Products by Dr. Stoyan Toshev, CFA


Primary Mortgage Market in Croatia by Mislav Blazic

The Role of Credit Information by Dr. Zoran Bohacek

Lenders' funding decisions: On- or off-balance sheet bonds? by Leslie Matthews Šulenta


Mortgage Banking in Germany and Europe by Tim Lassen

Prerequisites for Creating Mortgage Backed Debt Instruments - Mortgage Bonds by Tim Lassen


Regional and International Horizons in Funding by Bill Schaub - COO Mortgage Program


Mortgage Bonds in Poland by Jacek Laszek

Developing Secondary Mortgage Markets in Southeast Europe by Krysztof Pietraszkiewicz


Key Issues in SEE Mortgage Market Development: The Case of Romania by Sergiu Oprescu

Financing Strategy for Mortgage Company by Carmen Retegan

Romanian Bond Market - Development and Tendencies by James Stewart


Developing Secondary Mortgage Market in Slovenia by Matej More

United Kingdom

Towards Consistent Valuation Standards & Methodology by Peter Champness

Primary Mortgage Markets in SEE: Overview Comments by Peter Stredder

EBRD Approach to Financing Mortgage Market Development by Peter Stredder

Debt Market Funding by Stella Tansengco

CSFS - Securitisation Reality Check by Stella Tansengco

United States

"Developing Secondary Mortgage Markets in Southeast Europe" - Welcome Address by Kenneth Lanza

Mortgage-backed Securities by Lydia Borgatta

OPIC: Mobilizing America's Private Sector ...Making a Difference by Debra Erb

Developing Secondary Mortgage Markets in SEE by Pamela Lamoreaux

"Developing Secondary Markets In Southeast Europe" - Role of IFC: USAID Seminar by Pamela Lamoreaux

USAID: Strategies for Economic Growth and Financial Sector Development by Kenneth A. Lanza

Polish Mortgage Securitization: Overview by Alicja K. Malecka

How Important is an Effective Primary Market to the Development of a Secondary Market? by Sally Roe Merrill

The Benefits of Mortgage Default Insurance by Sally Roe Merrill

Mortgage Backed Securities: The US Approach by Soula Proxenos

Prerequisites for Mortgage Funding through Debt Instruments by Soula Proxenos

Legal Building Blocks for the Primary Mortgage Market by Carol Rabenhorst

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