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December 8-9, 1999A Decade of Building Housing Finance in Poland: Challeneges at the Outset of the New Century

    Polish and international policy makers and financial sector representatives have been invited to discuss the achievements of the market-based housing sector in Poland, and the decisions that have developed what may be the most highly advanced housing finance system in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Co-sponsored by USAID and the Polish Banks Association

December 10, 1999Regional Conference on Housing Finance. Building Housing Finance in Central and Eastern Europe: Sharing and Comparing

    This is a one-day regional workshop for selected key participants in housing finance from the private and public sectors. A group of participants from relatively advanced systems of housing finance—the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Russia, and Slovakia—will share their experiences with participants from southern tier and NIS countries less advanced in the housing finance sector, such as Bulgaria, Armenia, Kazahkstan.

    Co-sponsored by USAID and the Polish Banks Association

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